Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (BHNFT) serves a population of around 250,000. We have a 28 bedded gastroenterology ward and provide various secondary care general gastroenterology and hepatology services. We have an established hepatitis C programme and treat around 30 patients per year. We have endoscopy services for management of liver related pathology such as oesophageal varicies and provide an out of hour service for gastrointestinal bleeding. We perform ~250 ERCP’s per year at our centre. We have a HPB X-Ray meeting every week and a histology meeting every month. We work closely with our regional liver units (Sheffield / Leeds) and refer patients for management of complex liver pathology / transplant etc. We also participate in various hepatology related CLRN studies.

Our department consists of the following

5 Consultants
1 Hepatology nurse specialist
1 Upper GI nurse specialist
1 IBD / lower GI nurse specialist
1 Research nurse (part time)
Alcohol liaison team – in conjunction with Phoenix Futures