Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

LTHT hosts the Liver and Hepatobiliary Unit providing tertiary and quartenary medical and surgical liver services. Situated within this unit, the Department of Hepatology provides specialised services for complex liver disease, viral hepatitis and liver transplantation, and inpatient services for complex disease, transplantation and acute liver failure, serving a population of around 6 million in the North of England.

The Department of Gastroenterology manages some acute hepatology inpatients, largely for alcohol-related liver disease affecting local patients. 

Department of Hepatology

The Department of Hepatology at LTHT provides specialised liver services for the North of England as part of the supra-regional Liver and Hepatobiliary Unit, including the liver transplant programme and acute liver failure and complex hepatology services. Referrals to this unit come from acute trusts across the North of England, including those within the Yorkshire and the Humber Liver Network, with over 300 patients a year being assessed for liver transplantation.

In addition, it has a large and busy viral hepatitis service, providing assessment and treatment services to a wide area of West, Mid- and North Yorkshire, in addition to the local Leeds population. The department treats in excess of 200 patients a year for hepatitis C and has a growing number of patients on anti-viral therapy for hepatitis B. Referrals to this service come from a range of primary care sources including GPs and drug and addiction services. The department also provides support to the community service development between the Leeds prison services and St Martin’s Health Centre.

A range of general liver outpatient services are available and the unit has recently acquired a FibroScan®, allowing non-invasive assessment of liver fibrosis. This service is now open to referrers across the network region. 

The department has a growing clinical trials department, with several studies in all aspects of liver disease now open.

Our clinical team includes 5 clinical nurse specialists within the viral hepatitis service, 2 research nurses and 2 hepatology nurses. The hepatology services within the liver transplant programme are complemented by a team of transplant recipient co-ordinators, a specialist nurse in alcohol and substance misuse, a specialist liver pharmacist and specialist liver dieticians. The unit also has a social worker. 



Nurse Specialist

Research Nurses

Hepatology Nurses

There are 5 Consultant Hepatologists and one Speciality Doctor in Hepatology working within this service.


Dr Mervyn Davies

Dr Davies joined the department in 1996 and led the clinical service for many years until recently. His main interests include liver transplantation, portal hypertension and viral hepatitis. He works with UK Transplant as a member of the Liver Advisory Group and with leaders in Newcastle and Edinburgh was instrumental in forming the Northern Liver Alliance, thereby encouraging collaborative working with 3 transplant services.


Dr Mark Aldersley

Dr Aldersley joined the department in 2005. His main interests include liver transplantation, acute liver failure and viral hepatitis. He leads the viral hepatitis service. Dr Aldersley is also the Hepatology lead for the Local Clinical Research Network in West Yorkshire and has led the development of the unit in clinical trials.


Dr Rebecca Jones

Dr Jones joined the department in 2005. Her main interests include liver transplantation, viral hepatitis and hepatocellular carcinoma and she is developing an interest in non-invasive liver fibrosis assessment. She is also chair of the Yorkshire and Humber Liver Network and has led the network’s development with Dr Sulleman Moreea in Bradford since 2007.


Dr Lee Claridge

Dr Claridge joined the department in 2012. He qualified at the University of Nottingham Medical School and undertook specialist training with the West Midlands Deanery. He gained transplant experience through working in the Birmingham Liver Unit, where he also undertook research in immunological aspects of Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. His main clinical interests include liver transplantation and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.


Dr Udvitha Nandasoma

Dr Nandasoma joined the department in 2010 as a speciality doctor. He is fully qualified at consultant level, having undertaken specialty training in the Yorkshire Deanery. He spent many years training in the Leeds Unit, including gaining an MD. He spends one day a week with the LTHT team, and he works full time otherwise in medical law.

Dr Phaedra Tachtatzis

Dr Tachtatzis joined the department in 2012. She qualified from Aberdeen University and undertook specialist training in the Northern Deanery. She has worked on the transplant units in Newcastle, Cambridge and King’s College Hospital, London. Her main interests include liver transplantation and complex viral hepatitis including co-infection.




Department of Gastroenterology

The Department of Gastroenterology provides an acute admitting service for local hepatology patients, supported by alcohol liaison services from the Leeds Addiction Unit.

In addition the department has recently developed a day case paracentesis service for patients with ascites where other strategies have failed. This has reduced emergency admissions for drainage.

Consultants providing acute liver services include Dr Simon Everett, Dr Clare Donnellan (Lead Clinician), Dr Jason Jennings, Dr John Hamlin, Dr Anita Sainsbury, Dr Alex Ford, Dr Venkat Subramanian, Prof Mark Hull and Prof Geoff Sandle. There is a close working relationship with the Department of Hepatology for access to Liver Unit services where required.