Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

Hepatology has been developed out the Department of Gastroenterology at Rotherham General District Hospital over the last 5 years. Hepatology provides secondary care services for patients with liver disease. The hospital has a catchment population of around 250 000 people. We offer both In - and Outpatient services for patients with liver, biliary and gastro-intestinal disease. In patients services are provided by all four Consultant Gastroenterologists, include an active review service for patients admitted outside the gastroenterology & liver ward. Outpatient services are mainly provided by the consultant Hepatologist with some involvement from the other Gastroenterologist.

We offer general hepatology clinics, treatment for viral hepatitis (B and C including DDAs, treating 30-50 patients with HCV per year), cirrhosis surveillance (hepatoma surveillance, varices screening and surveillance), one stop fatty liver clinic (including fibroscan evaluation and dietetic review established 2012) and elective paracentesis (currently aiming to establish a day case service to minimise need for admissions). In 2012 we established a monthly liver MDT at the Trust bringing interested surgeons, physicians, radiologists and histopathologists together.

We are members of a viral hepatitis MDT at Sheffield, the Rotherham Viral Hepatitis Group and the Rotherham Alcohol Treatment Group. There are close links to the substance misuse team benefiting patients with viral hepatitis and ALD.

We are taking part in several portfolio studies in hepatology.

Our department consists of the following:

1 Consultant Hepatologist
1 Alcohol – and Viral Hepatitis Nurse
1 part-time dietician – shared with luminal gastroenterology
1 part-time research nurse – involved in portfolio studies across the trust

Dr Barbara Höroldt was appointed as Consultant Gastroenterologist/Hepatologist to Rotherham General Hospital in December 2007. She graduated from Gottingen University (Germany) in 1995. She moved to the UK in 1998 and did most of her specialist rotation in South Yorkshire during which time she spent a year as a registrar in the Liver and Transplant Unit at Birmingham and at the Liver Unit at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. She has built the liver services locally with the support of her luminal colleagues and the local lead for alcohol for Rotherham Hospital. She has built up links to the departments of hepatology at Sheffield and Leeds. She has an ongoing research interest in autoimmune hepatitis, which she has published on.