Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology’s Liver Unit provides a comprehensive region-wide service for all liver diseases. In addition, the Department of Infection and Tropical Medicine also provides a comprehensive Viral Hepatitis service, including care for patients with HIV and hepatitis co-infection across South Yorkshire.

Hepatitis B and C

We provide an integrated multidisciplinary service for these chronic progressive liver diseases, comprising Consultants in Hepatology and Infectious Diseases, a Specialty Physician, Specialist Registrars, a Consultant Virologist, a Hepatitis Nurse Consultant, four Hepatitis Specialist Nurses, a Hepatitis Nurse Practitioner, three Clinical Psychologists, a dedicated Hepatitis Social Worker and a dedicated Dietician.

The Liver Unit run 4-5 rapid-access outpatient clinics per week and, in addition, a monthly outreach clinic.

The Department of Infection and Tropical Medicine run three dedicated Viral Hepatitis clinics per week, a weekly HIV-hepatitis co-infection clinic, a monthly Nurse Consultant-led Hepatitis B “inactive carrier” monitoring clinic, a monthly Specialist Nurse-led Hepatitis B treatment clinic and several Specialist Nurse-led Hepatitis C treatment clinics per week. In addition, the department runs a fortnightly Hepatitis C Outreach Clinic in community-based Drug and Alcohol Services, and is active in an outreach screening programme for hepatitis B and C in high risk ethnic minority groups within Sheffield.

The Liver Unit and the Department of Infection and Tropical Medicine meet monthly with combined MDT meetings and together contribute actively to Trust-wide management protocols.

Alcoholic Liver Disease

The Liver Unit has published extensively on its experience. Services include, rapid-access outpatient clinics inpatient management of patients with liver failure, therapeutic paracentesis for ascites and endoscopic therapy for bleeding varices. The recent secondment of an Alcohol Liaison nurse to the Trust has resulted in streamlining of referral pathways to the Sheffield Alcohol Services.

Autoimmune Liver Diseases

The Liver Unit has published extensively on management of Autoimmune Hepatitis and Primary Biliary Cirrhosis and receives regular extra-regional referrals.

Biliary Disease

Both Hepatology Consultants perform therapeutic ERCP, in close collaboration with Hepatobiliary surgeons and Radiologists. One Consultant has a developed a region-wide service for Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction. Biliary Endoscopic Ultrasound is provided elsewhere in the Gastroenterology Directorate.


This recently acquired machine allows non invasive assessment of liver fibrosis, which will help in the management of all chronic liver disease and will reduce the need for liver biopsy.

Advice service

We are happy to provide telephone or written advice on any liver related problem.

Clinical Links

We have strong links with Hepato-biliary surgery, Radiology, Histopathology, Oncology and Critical Care, and also with Liver Transplant centres in Leeds and Birmingham.

Contact details:


Professor Dermot Gleeson, 0114 27 13264 or 27 13652 (secretary)

Dr Mohammed Karajeh, 0114 22 68732 or 22 68746 (secretary)

Sr Elaine McFarlane and Jane Fryer    0114 27 13179 

Liver SpR (on bleep through switch board)   0114 27 11900 (switch board)

Infectious Diseases:

Dr Ben Stone   Consultant in Infectious Diseases 0114 27 13561

Professor Steve Green Consultant in Infectious Diseases 0114 27 13562 (secretary)

Mr Ray Poll  Viral Hepatitis Nurse Consultant  0114 27 11776

ID Specialist Registrar Bleep 2079 via switch board  0114 27 11900 (switch board)

Postal Address:

Department of Infection and Tropical Medicine
E floor
The Royal Hallamshire Hospital
Glossop Road
S10 2JF