Auto-immune Hepatitis Audit

A large multi-centre audit on the management of autoimmune hepatitis is about to be launched within our region.

The audit will be led by Dr Dermot Gleeson, Consultant Hepatologist at the Royal Hallamshire in Sheffield and is supported by HQIP (Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership) and the British Society of Gastroenterology.

The audit aims to include all patients newly diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis since 2007, and to look at a prevalent cohort of all patients since 2000. The audit will be assessing the following parameters:

* Hospital infrastructure available to support management of patients with autoimmune hepatitis
* Accuracy of diagnosis
* Drug management
* Quality of monitoring
* Outcome parameters including treatment response rates, relapse rates, disease progression and disease related mortality

Autoimmune hepatitis is relatively under-investigated, and mortality data suggests life expectancy in this important liver condition is reduced.  Dr Gleeson and his team have already demonstrated a wide variety of practice and expertise in managing patients with this condition. This audit presents an opportunity to relate management to outcome and identify standards of care and service provision that will improve conditions for patients with this disease.

Participation by YHLN hospital Trusts presents a unique opportunity to obtain excellent regional clinical data, as well as centre-specific data and a number of our hospitals have already agreed to participate.

Members interested in more information about this exciting audit are welcome to contact Dr Gleeson 0114 27 13264 or 27 13264 (secretary)

The British Liver Trust has excellent information for patients. The link for their patient information on Autoimmune Hepatitis is