Hepatitis B community project

A Hepatitis B Nurse Specialist, employed by Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has recently been funded by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) to lead a community based testing project. . The project will run from April 2013-April 2014 and plans to test 200 members of the Chinese Community for Hepatitis B using dried blood spot testing. Drop in sessions will be provided at a number of local venues and 4 volunteers from the Chinese community are to be trained as patient advocates.

The aim of the project is:

* Raise awareness of the Hepatitis B virus in those communities most affected
* Prevent late diagnosis and delayed treatment.
* Increase access to community based testing for people from communities most affected by the Hepatitis B virus and to promote Hepatitis B vaccination.
*  Provide training to members of health care, social care and voluntary sector organisations to increase the awareness of Hepatitis B, with the aim of dispelling myths and reducing stigma associated with infection by the virus