Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test - AUDIT

This screening tool was developed by the World Health Organisation to assist medical personnel in identifying patients at risk of harm from their alcohol use. The network has discussed its use at several meetings both in the context of evaluating risk of liver disease from alcohol use and in the context of evaluating abnormal liver function tests.

It is appropriate for use in a wide range of settings including general practice and secondary care. We particularly encourage its use in general practice, medical admission units, and gastroenterology, cardiology clinics and trauma/hand clinics.

It can be helpful to use the AUDIT screening tool conjunction with a pictoral guide to alcohol units, and identification of hazardous, harmful or dependent drinking should lead to appropriate advice and intervention.

An abbreviated form of AUDIT, known as AUDIT-C can be used quickly and easily. The full form will be needed if the AUDIT-C score is 5 or more.

To download a copy of AUDIT C plus an alcohol unit guide for use in the GP surgery or outpatient clinic click here.


 A score of 5+ indicates increasing or higher risk drinking and is AUDIT-C positive.

The full AUDIT questionnaire should be completed.

To download a copy of the full The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test: AUDIT questionnaire click here.