Primary Care

GPs with patients on treatment with anti-viral agents for hepatitis B may find it helpful to view the shared care guidelines for prescribing and monitoring of anti-virals developed for Leeds. These can be found towards the end of our hepatitis B management guidelines here

If GPs have any patients with hepatitis B (any surface antigen positive patient) who are about to embark on chemotherapy for any reason, it is advisable to alert the treating oncologist to this, as such patients may be at risk of reactivation or a flare of hepatitis B which could significantly affect their health, and may lead to treatment interruption. All the network GI and hepatology departments can help advise. The network is working with other networks to highlight this issue, but it remains under-recognised and all help from GPs in this respect is welcomed.

Please click on the following downloadable documents for useful information:

Hepatitis B Guidance: HBV Vaccination guidance

Hepatitis B Guidance: HBV Who should be tested 

Hepatitis B Guidance: Referral guidance to specialist services